As a Social Impact start-up, TheSocialMedwork strives to be completely transparent about our goals, how we will achieve them, the impact we make, and our overall business operations. Please feel free to review the information on this page and if you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or through this contact form.

Our Horizons

TheSocialMedwork’s core focus has always been to engage and support patients from all over the world, and to help them access the latest health innovations quickly and safely.

TheSocialMedwork’s constantly growing scope and journey will span over three key horizons. These horizons are not only imperative to our success as a social impact enterprise, but more importantly, essential to realizing our dream of access to health for everyone!

1. Patients have better health and wellbeing:

Our first horizon encompasses engaging and helping patients access life extending medicines - medicines that can better their quality of life.

This is our current platform where we have made great progress over the past few years. We have reached and helped patients from all corners of the globe, from countries we never thought possible, and substantiated our goal of providing them with access to the latest, elsewhere-approved medicines.

2. Stronger, healthier and more inclusive communities:

Within the second horizon our focus is to start the ground work to building an ecosystem infrastructure. One that will slowly bring together pharma, health care professionals and innovators.

Our focus for the next three years is to fortify our advocacy network by working together with doctors, nurses, families and caregivers - ultimately supporting more and more patients who need our help, from all around the world. By building the infrastructure for a new ecosystem, we will allow all pharma and health innovators to equally contribute, collaborate, and foster an arrangement where everyone works together.

3. Society is healthier and happier!

Within the third horizon, we aim to evolve into a new health ecosystem that empowers humans around the world to come up with integrated solutions and Call our support: +31 20 8084 414 empowers humans around the world to come up with integrated solutions and a comprehensive, collaborative approach to solving the problems we are facing in the healthcare landscape.

The ‘grand finale’ for global society is aimed at establishing an ecosystem for everyone. We firmly believe that health is the new wealth. And human dignity does not allow haves and have-nots. We will evolve into an ecosystem where everyone acknowledges illness and passionately collaborates to find health management solutions that work for all. Within this new ecosystem, we empower health innovators to work together with patients, communities, associations, doctors, caregivers, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare technology companies, payers and governments. Our ecosystem will allow these different stakeholders to attain new heights and discover never-expected solutions to the world’s equal health challenges.

Our Plan

We are constantly striving to keep growing and working towards our dream of improving access and the healthcare landscape. Our business plan has seven distinct growth phases:

  1. Build an accessible global platform for patients to access new medicines for serious, fatal and life-debilitating conditions.
  2. Unite the global community of patients, providers, and eventually, the public.
  3. Create web-based patient-data feedback programs.
  4. Use these patient-data feedback programs to bring new levels of transparency, insight and patient-driven innovation.
  5. Leverage our reach, data and community to help support new, fairer pricing models for medicines.
  6. Active participation in health management development, patient research and global education programs.
  7. Become the de facto universal health platform, giving everyone access to the best health and wellbeing.

Strategic Priorities mapped to growth and social impact model using McKinsey's Three Horizons approach.

Our Impact

At TheSocialMedwork we are constantly measuring our impact because that’s what drives us as individuals and as a team. Our 2019 impact numbers to date are as follows:

Key Performance Indicators
Impact Targets YTD Actual
People empowered with medical and regulatory information 189.541
People supported 1583
Medicine's supplied 921

Some of our Shareholders

The Virus

Social Impact Ventures

Members of Change Club (Angel investor)

Members of Pymwymic (Angel investor)

Esther Dyson

Jamie Heywood

TheSocialMedwork is a for profit social venture with the mission to create impact globally. To this end we believe alliances are needed with impact funds that also focus on return on investment, such as the Dutch VC fund, Social Impact Ventures, the Change Club or Pymwymic. For that reason, TheSocialMedwork has not included any restrictions with regard to possible future distributions to such investors in its articles of association. Impact acknowledgement and assurance is provided for these types of funding on the basis of performance indicators on both finance and social impact. Milestones and reportings are also based on both financial and social impact performances. In this way TheSocialMedwork, which currently supports and helps patients and doctors in over 75 countries, will be able to maximise its impact on medical care for everyone worldwide. However, for the foreseeable future all profits will be invested in the company to increase our impact. In the long run, it is possible we could pay out to shareholders.

Investment policy

All profits will be invested in the company.

Salary policy

The goal of TheSocialMedwork is to achieve all our results together. Therefore we want to keep the difference in salary as small as possible. Ultimately there remains a difference due to the size of our organization and the diversity in our functions and responsibilities. TheSocialMedwork’s current salary ratio is 1 : 3.6. Furthermore, we have employee stock benefits in place, and the shares are being held by the Butterfly Circus, BV.


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